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Dazed Digital showcase a selection of the work featured in Kevin Amato‘s New York exhibition, F*ck the Golden Years. A Dazed contributor, Amato has spent near a decade working for the likes of Interview and Flaunt. The title comes from his Brooklyn grandmother, not afraid of the swears, ” F*ck The Golden Years was her way of saying embrace and live life to the fullest NOW. To be true to yourself and never let a day or minute pass you by.”

His work spans portrait, landscape, documentary shots..anything that catches his eye; being instinctive sits at the centre of his photography. “Mood, trust and accessibility dictate a lot in my work. I tend to be a diverse, non-judgmental and spontaneous person, I guess my photos translate that way. I think being versatile, whether shooting commercial or not – is using the same approach.” For the full interview hit Dazed Digital.

The exhibition runs March 8 – March 31, Casa De Costa Studio Gallery, 11 Stone Street, 6th Floor, NYC

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