Marc Matsumoto over on Fresh Tastes shares this great step by step guide/recipe on cooking the perfect poached egg. As he mentions, the difficulty is in reducing the amount of egg white that mixes with the water to make a poached egg. Matsumoto recommends four techniques and additions to help get that poached egg just “perfect” – egg white and all.

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Matsumoto recommends a few techniques and additions for producing the “perfect” poached egg. The first is reducing the “turbulence in the water to reduce the egg white from mixing with the water: ” If you drop an egg into a bowl of water and shake it, or stir it, it’s going to mix with the water much faster than if you just let it sit. The same thing applies when making poached eggs… Instead, crack your eggs into ramekins or small bowls, then lower the entire bowl into the water and tip the egg out into the water.”

Using hotter water will also allow for the egg white to set faster. Get the water as close to boiling as possible without boiling the water before adding your egg.

He also mentions using vinegar to control the process as it lowers the coagulation temperature of proteins found in egg whites. “This quickly sets the outside surface of the egg forming a skin that prevents the whites from feathering out into the water.”

Finally, fresh eggs will also ensure proper poached eggs. They tend to have more viscous wites which help keep it together in the water. Do let us know if these techniques help you prepare a proper breakfast.

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