Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colo. helped turn the tide for canned microbrews a few years ago with their Dale’s Pale Ale, an eminently satisfying beer with a restrained kick of hops and a crispness that makes it perfect for drinking in the sun. Dale is back at the fore with OB’s newest canned creation, Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale. Where before he kept his conical flowers in check, this time it is as though gallant Sir Dale has hops pouring from every orifice and into the fermenting tank. This is a heavy but very tasty brew that comes in a four pack of 16oz cans. It boasts some measure of citrus alongside the tangy bitterness of all those hops, and if you can finish all four cans in one sitting, you will probably be left sitting.

We mentioned last week that we thought their can designs were a little busy, but there seems to be some degree of cunning to the aluminum on this one. It looks more like a balls-to-the-wall energy drink than a can of 8-percent IPA, which makes it perfect for holding in your hand while you skateboard down the avenue (for instance).

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