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I blame this very site, and all those pushing the heritage revival over the past years for the new trend in that market – magazines. Yes, magazines look to be the new relaunch category in heritage, with the announcement that after 55 years, Collier’s has returned to print.

The last issue of Collier’s came way, way, way, way back in January 1957 with Princess Grace of Monaco talking about her pregnancy.

This month’s relaunch brings on a whole new flavor to the Collier’s tradition. Founded in 188 by Peter Collier, the magazine went out of print 55 years ago. Two years ago, John Elduff, purchased the defunct Collier’s assets at auction for $2000. The February/March 2012 Collier’s issue ran more than 25,000 initial copies. Word has it that more than 20,000 subscriptions have been locked in for the future.

View a selection of classic pre-1957 Collier’s covers in our gallery…

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