From the Velvet Jungle comes this recipe for a jalapeno grilled cheese sandwich. Sounds damn good and more importantly, it is as straightforward as it gets. The author cooked this one up while on his sick bed – the poppers helped cleared out the sinuses.

Get the full recipe for Jalapeno Grilled Cheese on the following page.

4 jalapeños
4 oz of plain cream cheese, softened
4 slices of sourdough bread
8 slices of sharp cheddar cheese
fresh ground black pepper
cayenne pepper

Preparation and directions:

Get the broiler going on your oven and place the jalapenos on the rack. Blacken and rotate every so often to get them looking charred. Place them in a “covered boil” for ten minutes.
Remove from boil and clip the top and removed the insides. Slice peppers in halves.
Finely chop one of the jalapenos and mix it with cream cheese, black pepper, cayenne pepper into a paste form.

Now, take your bread and coat with the jalapeno paste mix and add cheese and the remaining peppers.
Butter the outside of bread, place on hot pan. Press and melt.
Serve when ready.

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