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We are big fans of high end cameras, especially the ones that look great. Today we come across the Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept by David Riesenberg. While Canon is one of the biggest players in the digital camera market, they do not have a strong foot yet in the high end mirrorless market.

Having worked many months on the carefully crafted design, Riesenberg pays homage to the iconic Canon AE system. All in all a dream come true camera, that we can only hope for in the future.

” The Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept is built around a full-frame 18.1 megapixel sensor sourced from the Canon 1DX. For glass, a “CM-D” Canon EF lens mount will accommodate all EF lenses including a concept 50mm f/1.0L prime kit lens with direct aperture control (can we have this now, please?) along with the requisite pancake lens (not pictured) so popular in mirrorless cameras for easy-pocketability. A detachable electronic viewfinder incorporated into Canon’s signature prism hump along with an integrated pop-up cylindrical flash round out. As for the throwback case design? Well, we’ll just let the renderings after the jump speak for themselves.” (Via GearPatrol)

Take a further look at the camera here.

A few images of the camera follow after the jump.

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