We know April 20th is still a month away, but we’d like to give a preemptive tip of the cap our old pal, marijuana. As you may know, Colorado has one of the most regulated and professionally run medical marijuana industries in the nation (the state also has a full legalization measure slated for a vote on November’s ballot). The competitive nature of the MMJ scene in the Rockies has yielded some pretty amazing products, and one of our favorites is Moonrock.

Moonrock is a specialty hash made using a buntane extraction of sweet leaves and buds. The resulting wax is heated and then dried in a special humidor, giving it those signature craters. Unlike a lot of hash, Moonrock isn’t sticky and is super easy to crumble into a vaporizer or on top of a bowl. Our preferred method involves ripping open a bag of organic peppermint tea, loading a rolling paper with the contents and dusting it with moon crumbles. Tastes like a menthol and delivers a totally manageable and clean high that serves a great many ailments.

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