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The Nepenthes store in NYC is buried somewhere away from the normal haunts. While you would expect it to be in SOHO, the Nepenthes shop is well up on 38th and 8th Ave. Respect for bucking the trend and for making the Nepenthes shop, and all those pizzerias around it hawking $1 slices, a full on destination for all things Needles, Engineered Garments, South 2 West 8.

We recently took a Titelmedia field trip to their shop where I tried on every variation of these floral golf jackets. While the patterns may not be the best fit for me, they fucking look great. The cut of the Nepenthes golf jacket is just right on and very different from the current EG season that fits more stocky-like. I, for one love these patterns. I am sure about 1% of you do as well and, as well all know, you are the only person that matters when contemplating this purchase.

More looks in our gallery…

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