Where the runway meets the street

Open up that Thom Browne shirt and show your stripes! The man himself takes a moment for an interview with The Talks – a very accessible interview as well. Some interesting questions are asked and his responses are pretty expected:

Is the normal type of runway show a bit boring for you?

I don’t know, it’s the way I do them.

You’ve said before that an outfit needs to be a little bit “off” in order to work. How come?

Well, especially in a show, you definitely want to make sure that there is something that opens people’s eyes and makes them think. But when you make something really seriously and you also show it seriously I think it becomes really boring. I think when you have something that just throws it off a bit it makes it more interesting.

Does that also count for your own look and the way you dress yourself?

I’ve been in the same thing from the beginning. This is what I like and this will never change. I really wanted to take tailored clothing for guys and make it not look so boring. …

Read the full interview over at The Talks.

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