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Better than garbanzo beans… This German-developed and produced turntable from AMG start-up is incredible and ruthless in its quest for musical perfection. When you consider purchasing a turntable at this level and pricepoint you either: a. are simply addicted to the quest of diminishing returns in audio (as I am), described by some as “chasing the dragon”; or b. you need to have one of the most beautiful record players money can buy.

They says it right: “The AMG turntable line was created by a group of audio industry experts to advance the art of vinyl playback.” This very sentence pretty much sums up the time, energy, and mind power behind the new Viella 12 (or V12) Turntable.

Designer, Werner Roeschlau, his sons, and master machinists produce every Viella 12 in their own factory in Bavaria – outside of Munich. Components of the AMG turntable are CNC-machined on premise from the absoute best materials available including 25mm aircraft grade aluminum. The bearings that spin the platter itself are CNC machined on site for pure perfection, never mind the tonearm itself. Label this one: aspirational.

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