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This week, good old Nudie Jeans dropped their limited edition “Woad/Guado” collection—a six-piece line featuring organic fabrics dyed using the woad plant. This flowering guy looks a bit like a cabbage and has been cultivated since time immemorial specifically for dying. 1,000 kilos of leaves only produces 1 kilo of dye, making it pretty clear why its popularity has waned over the past couple of centuries.

The development of dye involves extracting the pigment from the leaves which leaves a green liquid. Reducing the green liquid forms a blue sludge, which is then in turn dried resulting in rock hard lumps of intense blue dyestuff. To turn the hard dyestuff to dye, it is dissolved in a mixture of soda and water. Each garment is then slowly lowered into the dye bath and left to work its magic, timing depends on the thickness of the fabric. Nudie Jeans acquired all the dyestuff an Italian Guado farm could produce in a year to dye the entire ‘Woad/Guado’ collection.

Said collection encompasses their Grim Tim jean, the High Khaki, a chambray shirt, a jacket, a long-sleeved Henley and a tee-shirt and is limited to 700 pieces worldwide. Being that Nudie is known for their strengths as a gateway denim brand, it makes good sense that they are introducing us to this beguiling and savagely impractical dye. The color looks a little bit “new age dad” to us, but that is not meant to be a slight. If you want in, better move fast, and better move to Nudie Jeans House in L.A.

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