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Man, does this table blow. It totally sucks, too. It sucks and blows, depending on whether you are blowing it up or sucking the air back out of it. You see, the inflatable base of this lil’ side table from Philippbesheim is made from durable neoprene polyester fabric and can be hooked up to an air pump and erected in a matter of minutes. Just as quickly, you can crumple it back down for easy storage.

“Using inflatable technology proved to be an effective approach to allow the user to interact with the object in a different way by blowing up their furniture,” the designer says. “[It] provides longevity as a reaction to consumption placing it into a contemporary context by giving long term satisfaction.” Not sure about the jazz in the latter half of that statement, but it does look like a handy thing to bring on a camping trip. Could also serve as pinch-hitter for a road cone in an emergency. (mocoloco)

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