Nudie Jeans have released their limited edition six-piece “Woad/Guado” collection featuring organic fabrics dyed using the woad plant. From Selectism – “This flowering guy looks a bit like a cabbage and has been cultivated since time immemorial specifically for dying. 1,000 kilos of leaves only produces 1 kilo of dye, making it pretty clear why its popularity has waned over the past couple of centuries.

Said collection encompasses their Grim Tim jean, the High Khaki, a chambray shirt, a jacket, a long-sleeved Henley and a tee-shirt and is limited to 700 pieces worldwide. Being that Nudie is known for their strengths as a gateway denim brand, it makes good sense that they are introducing us to this beguiling and savagely impractical dye. The color looks a little bit “new age dad” to us, but that is not meant to be a slight. If you want in, better move fast, and better move to Nudie Jeans House in L.A.”

More looks can be seen at Selectism.

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