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We wish that the first thought two thoughts that entered our minds upon seeing a car like this one were not centered around how dead we would find ourselves in roll over or rear-ending situations, because this is one debonair looking boat. A tribute to the Auburn Speedsters made in 1935 and ’36, the Model 876 is made-to-order by California Custom Coach, so that classic car enthusiasts can customize their fetish.

“The decade of the 1930s was an era of magnificent ocean liners, big bands, black tuxedos, voluptuous furniture styling … and splendid automobiles that proudly thundered down the narrow roads … the classiest automobile of all was the Auburn Boattail Speedster,” they tell us, adding that only 500 Boattails were made and, of those, only 200 are surviving. So, in theory, buying a recreation from CCC is the easier way to go. Probably the smarter way, also, as these jobbers have the attention to detail of a classic car (soft-top headers and bows are still handmade from oak) alongside the guts and chassis of modern sports cars. Maybe we wouldn’t be so dead after all.

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