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Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs has enlisted L.A.-based artist and National Forest Design co-owner Steve Harrington for a novel concept, indeed. During the Coachella festival, Harrington will set up a poolside pop-up shop/trip-out room called “Roadside Attraction,” populated with festival essentials including a host of Generic Surplus Borstal shoes redesigned by Harrington.

There will also be tee shirts, tank tops, bandanas and towels as imagined by Harrington. “Just last summer I worked on a three day long art project out in Joshua Tree California. We needed a place to stay overnight to recharge and rest, so my introduction to the Ace Hotel in palm springs made for the perfect desert oasis,” Harrington says. “When Generic Surplus approached me to collaborate on the Ace Hotel project this year, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

Sounds like perfect pairings all-around will make for a welcome detour from the Porta-Potty lines.

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