We are back with another post dedicated to Tumblrs we are feeling. We figured 10 a week might be a bit too much, so here we are breaking them down into 5 at a time. Anyway, there’s some solid ones in here this week, so be sure to have a look!

Check out the 5 for this week after the jump.

Pretty Girls and Bourbon – The two go nicely together.

Midnight Marauder – A few days ago we showed you Midnight Marauder’s “Prometheus” posters and it turns out he keeps a solid Tumblr page going dedicated to Criterion DVD covers and movie posters.

Time LightBox – Time Magazine’s photo editors Tumbl, too.

Man and Camera – This guys takes some beautiful landscape photos.

Boylston Trading Co. – See what the guys from Boylston Trading Co. are up to.

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