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Last summer Zurich based bag brand FREITAG moved into a new 5000 square meter factory. The brand has always stood out of the crowd, for its product, its production methods and communication. They fabricate their bags from used truck covers since day one and have since invaded the globe. A couple of weeks ago we even came across a new FREITAG flagship store in New York City.

The new factory stays true to the principles of the two brothers that founded the brand. The environment has once again been one of their main concerns.

““FREITAG has been growing every year from the moment the first tarps were washed in the Bros.’ own bathtub. The individual recycled bag makers have come from 2 to over 130 employees, from 1 to over 50 bag models and from 1 push cart to 8 FREITAG Stores and over 400 resellers worldwide. All without a penny from investors.

Still, when you’re «building your own factory», people are mildly surprised. No, FREITAG did not put down millions. As ever so often, they put down an idea: How about an entire block of affordable industrial and creative space in Zurich. Leaving out all luxury. But built to highest environmental standards.””

The tarps are washed with collected rain water, temperature of used water is used to heat new water and the list just goes on.

Photography: Roland Tännler

Take a tour of the factory now after the jump.

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