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The amount of fun ideas coming to live through Kickstarter is just incredible. Almost daily we could point out something new, that is worth supporting. Today we come across the Berlin Boombox. The Berlin Boombox is a portable stereo speaker made of cardboard with a built-in stereo amplifier. The case is screen-printed with bold black and white graphic art designed by Axel Pfaender. The boombox comes as a kit consisting of a die-cut cardboard structure, all electronic parts, and four AA batteries. You can use the boombox with the iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player and unlike most other cardboard speakers on the market this one features an integrated amplifier that provides stereo sound.

Here below is a video giving some more background on the project.

The idea is fun, but one will probably not get amazing sound out of it. The success of the boombox will in our mind depend on the price – if below 50 USD, it will work, above, people might rather want to spend money on a more serious speaker for their mobile device.

The project is still running on Kickstarter for another 28 days, so make sure to support it here.

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