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From where we are sitting, just about any scarf is unisex. Floral, grandmotherly silk swatch? We can make it work. So these self-tagged unisex scarves from Symmetry are not doing us any favors in the “can we?” department, but they do have other attributes to speak of. Japanese fabrics, yes, yes, we have been there. But what is this? Leather straps with hand-cast carabiners?

“We are also obsessed with functionality, as that is the idea behind the brand—keeping the scarf in place, in a functional yet aesthetically interesting way,” Symmetry replies. “Our square scarf, the Dixon, also transforms into a tote bag.”

Well, shit. We are suckers for the right amount of gadgetry. Though, other than the occasional trade show lanyard, we have never tried straps and fasteners around our necks. We are willing, however, as these are interesting to look at. Symmetry also offers up some leather goods (belt, pouch, wallet) and a nylon poncho—all of it made in Los Angeles and available here.

More looks in our gallery…

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