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Ever the hive of busy bees, the crew over at Outlier now offers up their Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt. We have learned that it is well worth investing in a pair of their pants for cycling (and just wearing all the damn time) but a shirt is not subject to the same rigors as britches are whilst pedaling. Make your case, Outlier.

“[This is], quite simply, a better men’s dress shirt. Our custom developed Blazed Cotton shirting repels dirt and sweat so it stays clean and dry, while our patent pending Pivot Sleeve keeps you moving freely.” Well, that says maybe, but—”After three years plus of research and development we’ve finally hit that perfect balance of sweat resistance, breathability and sharp looks … the fabric breathes and absorbs well enough to be incredibly comfortable yet is hydrophobic enough that sweat almost never shows through the fabric.” If we are talking fewer under-arm sweat moons, then maybe it is time to buy a new shirt. Do so here, if you wish.

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