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In the medical marijuana game out Rocky Mountain-way, few companies have as sharp an eye for legitimate-looking branding as Dixie Elixirs & Edibles. Their products meet a high standard as well, though sometimes in intimidating ways. For example, their Dixie Scrips A.M. Focus blends 50mg of active THC with the herbs eleuthero and ashwagandha into a benign looking orange-and-white pill boasting “a stimulating sensation and increased focus,” and suggested for daytime use. As with all edible marijuana products, reactions are supremely subjective, but one of these capsules nearly turned us into Jim Morrison for eight hours.

The Dixie Tonic, on the other hand, is easier to meter and control, with 60mg of THC in a 2-ounce bottle. Put a teaspoon of the Mandarin orange-flavored stuff into a cup of tea (or, if you are feeling up to it, a wheat beer) and the effects ease on within about 30 minutes. For us, those effects were easy to manage and rather sublime: clarity, energy, mild euphoria. The earlier point about the effects different edibles have on different people cannot be overstated, and when first using a new products it is crucial to let a dose settle for 60-90 minutes before attempting to intensify the effects. Always better to be a beatific Buddha than a lurching Lizard King.

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