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Nike delivers their latest take on a lightweight, barefoot-like, running shoe with the new Nike Free Run+ 3: a low profile, super lightweight shoe that features a flex sole that mimics your natural stride. Having worked through earlier versions of the Nike Free Run, we can say that for those looking for both a running shoe and a beautifully sneaker to rock day to day, the new Free Run+ 3 is our new favorite.

Now, since Nike always puts functionality and the athlete before anything aesthetic, let’s talk about the specs on these Free Run+ 3’s. They weigh ounces – around 9.3 oz for all sizes – and feature a smooth ride with proper traction, cushioning, and support for those looking to run in a low profile, almost barefoot shoe. Unlike the Free Run 2, which on occasion could cause slight roll when touching down on a curb, the Free Run+ 3 supports as it should. Having received our review samples just a day ago, we have run about five miles in the Nike Free Run+ 3 and all has been well. We’ll update this post if more ride miles change anything.

For those who love the look and colorways of the Nike Free Run+ 3, and who will wear them on the day to day as wardrobe choice, you have chosen well. While not walking shoes, the support and weight of the shoes make them enjoyable for all commutes and long term use. We have ours on in the office at the moment and appreciate the airy breathability of the upper. When you calculate the look of the shoe with the overall weight and ride, you are left with our favorite fashionable running shoe of the moment.

Look for the new Nike Free Run+ 3 Running Sneakers in stores and online today.

Photography: Selectism.com

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