Where the runway meets the street
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This handy, navy reversible jacket from Travelteq seeks to meet the needs of the company’s founder, Maarten—who takes many one-day business trips—and, by extension, your own. “One side has two distinguished side pockets and one breast pocket for a formal look,” we are told. “The other side has two stitched-on sporty side pockets and a breast pocket for a more casual look.”

Both sides close with either a zipper or buttons and it has a keen little loop for controlling errant headphones when they are not in your ears. The fit looks proper enough, but the thing that is bugging us out is the shimmer. Might be a bit much for an old-fashioned meeting. This is a crowdsourced offering, meaning it will only go into production if enough people want it. You can vote to order one here.

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