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Not unlike The Blair Witch Project, for the Denim Jacket Project, Topman dropped six designers in the middle of the woods with one hand-held camera, some sewing machines, reams of denim and an evil spirit. Alright, so almost none of that is true, but what is legit is that Topman commissioned hot talent to design six cool jackets.

The word we are about to use is a touch silly, but denim jackets need to be a little sassy. That’s where the allure lies. You never quite know what a dude in a denim jacket is going to do. I mean, you can guess: for instance, the guy in Katie Eary’s light wash jacket with the shearling collar might punch you in the nose for not bumming him a cigarette, while the fellow in Oliver Spencer’s zippery piece might let you take his motorcycle around the block. Other designers include Mark McNairy, Shaun Sampson, and Lou Dalton. Available now online.

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