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Coffee, along with shoes, wooden furniture and bikes continue to be shot and presented with porn-like intensity, every detail illustrated at hi-res for your drooling pleasure. We’re not going to pretend we haven’t bought into it at some level so excuse us while we enjoy these images from Auckland cafe Coffee Supreme, home of bean experts and all manner of brewing equipment. With a sharp handle on clean modern branding and a superb space these guys have it all covered.

“We have called 42 Douglas Street home for close to 7 years…Our newest additions to the cafe include an amazing Slayer espresso machine along with a coffee brew bar that offers a selection of 6 single origins served through either Chemex, V60, or SwissGold. We hope to introduce our Douglas St customers to a more diverse view on how to enjoy coffee while still celebrating the unique perspective that the New Zealand cafe culture offers.” More at the Selby.

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