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Cherchbi is a British bag- and belt-maker with an interesting history. Founder Adam Atkinson started the company in in 2007 with the notion of making bags using wool generally considered worthless from and old, rare and extremely hardy breed of sheep called Herdwick. After many trials, Atkinson produced Herdwyck No. 10, a fine, waterproof tweed. This messenger bag isn’t made from it, but is still and handsome and sound bugger.

Hard to fail with a handmade messenger of this content and caliber. Made from woven English Union fabric—a waterproof cotton/linen herringbone—it boasts multiple external and internal pockets making it duty-ready. Side panels fold inward, meaning when it is not filled it looks nice and trim. At present, Bench & Loom is the sole Cherchbi retailer stateside.

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