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Another insightful interview from Manufacture. Once again concentrating on the business and production side, as with their last offering on Garbstore, it’s refreshing to hear about what goes on behind the scenes of some of our favourite brands rather than simply the latest collection or newest collaboration. Mottram comes from a marketing background, interesting to hear how this informed his approach to Rapha and how he managed to turn his passion from cycling into a thriving business.

“My drive was that this is such an amazing sport and that not enough people know about it. I would sit there years ago before the Internet at midnight watching crackly Eurosport coverage of a second division race in Europe that was amazing but I would sit on my own like a social leper thinking this is crazy that more people don’t love this sport. The brand is built all around that sport and that moment and that experience and how amazing it is that that sort of suffering gives you.”

Photography from Sam Green, Interview by Mark Smith and Glenn Kitson. Read more over at Manufacture.

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