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Our friends at Eastman Leather recently invited us to a top secret bunker in East London to get up close to the Autumn/Winter 2012 Buzz Rickson’s and Eastman collections. The two brands work closely in Europe and you’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect pair to sit side by side.

We start off today with Rickson’s. While they’ve long be regarded as masters of the repro, a cult label, there’s always been something accessible about the brand. The lines are a mix of pieces exact to the originals; military outerwear, flying leathers etc, all of which tend to attract the vintage-head crowd. Alongside this, easy to wear sweats, t-shirts and footwear that wouldn’t feel out of place in any modern get-up. In the same vein, we we’re particularly impressed by Rickson’s sub label, Aviation Associates. Ever the creative bunch, the designers felt they wanted more room to produce pieces which weren’t strictly reproductions but took elements of classics to make something familiar. We point you towards the incredible Number 7 leather sleeved jacket and the canvas Mackinaw coat.

While we stare for an inappropriate amount of time at the patch heavy, olive nylon L-2 and MA-1 jackets, take a look through the gallery for more of the good stuff. Carry on over at Buzz Rickson’s.

Images: Ross Trevail/

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