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For a couple of months now, we have heartily enjoyed culling ample examples of the style we call Black Metal Serfwear, and at first glance, the Spring/Summer collection from Japanese label Blackmeans seemed like a quick fit. The longer we gazed, however, the more we started thinking of William Gibson. It wasn’t long before we were asking questions like: “Do androids dream of electric sheep herders?” The point we are after: this is a collection of robust scope and vision. While much of it doesn’t immediately click as being related, there is a subversive thread of sci-fi coolness and pastoral—almost tribal—authenticity that tells a hell of a story.

The zipper pants pictured above are an easy touchstone for that grim Blade Runner vibe, but the shorts begin to hint at the shepherding elements at hand with their patchy rugged appearance (and sheepskin body). Also, after the jump, they are calling it a v-neck t-shirt, but we see a sick dashiki of the ilk worn by men with staffs in Africa. The tough motorcycle jackets are structured for the future but the natural tones of the leather bridge the divide. Cool, cool stuff. Worth taking a long look at over at LN-CC.

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