SUPER will kick off the “SUPER moves to” project, traveling to selected stores in the world which will host the most complete selection of Super eyewear and exclusive limited edition products, at WOKstore Milan.

For the occasion, SUPER and WOKstore will present the result of their union, the Ndebele Special sunglasses. Taking its name from a truly inspirational tribe from Southern Africa. The Ndebele culture has inspired a whole new world that brings out the colors and culture of these people through the sunglasses, with the special print deriving from Ndebele murals: large and colorful geometric patterns that women paint on their houses.

In order to deeply enjoy these and other African atmospheres, a selection of videos chosen especially from the SUPER team will be screened during the opening event, providing a simple and home-made visual impact, full of perceptions, patches and sounds.

The shop will open on April 17th and run through July 30th.

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