Brewing beer takes patience. Brewing beer in the state of Utah requires extra patience, thanks to some rather silly liquor laws tailored for the Mormon state. One example: beers over 4-percent abv can’t be served from a tap. Belly up to a bar in Utah and order a Dubhe Imperial Black IPA—weighing in at 9.2-percent—and it will be served in a bottle.

Uinta Brewing Company is the the biggest brewery in Utah and this is a big beer. How big? Two Dubhes (we assume it is pronounced “doobie” as the beer is brewed with hemp seeds) in quick succession and we were eagerly philosophizing about rote subjects (“… the reason Lennon beats McCartney is that there’s real pain behind his music, dude …”). Of course, we guzzled two because the sharp rush of hops was so damn pleasing—especially with a roasted, chocolaty malt finish balancing it out.

Label shot after the jump…

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