We have some more solid Tumblrs for you guys this week. Some cool original photography as well as one we are especially into that focuses on interiors and architecture. Check them out and be sure to leave your guys’ pages in our comments section!

Photo above by Josh Wehle.

Check out the 5 Tumblrs we are enjoying this week after the jump.

Archiphile – One of our favorites at the moment. Great photos of interiors, exteriors, architecture and other neat stuff.

Vagrant Sneaker – This guy takes some crisp photos of sneakers.

The Life of a Whiskey Drinker – A compilation of some rugged imagery.

Josh Wehle – This guy takes some dope portraits. Much appreciated.

The Down Lowe – You have probably seen the above image on the Tumblr before, well, here’s the person that shot it.

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