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In our minds, denim is not a fabric, it is a second skin. It is also sort of the anti-skin, in a way. Real skin feels awful when it gets three-days dirty, and washing it clean is rejuvenating in an almost spiritual sense. Denim skin, on the other hand, looks and feels its best when it is on the verge of filthy. We often brag about how long a pair of jeans has gone without washing, and would happily extend the same attitude toward this shirt from Taylor Stitch.

Inspired by a rugged and sparsely populated stretch of the Northern California coastline called the Lost Coast, this shirt is a bit more like a jacket. Jacket denim skin, let us say. “The Lost Coast doesn’t have much, but what it does have is plentiful: great white sharks, dramatic views and moisture,” Taylor tells us, “the kind of moisture that mosses over hundred-year-old redwoods and leaves that penetrates your bones.” Made in California, this chain-stitched piece of skin looks like it could very well penetrate your bones as well—in the best possible way. Pick one up here.

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