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It’s Nice That point us towards this incredible Simpsons chair set, a rare example of novelty furniture that makes us smile rather than grimace. Newcomers on the design scene 56th Studio, a Bangkok based multidisciplinary collective, deal in “quirky design and cutting-edge graphical matters”. This Simpsons family chair set is part of their ‘Caricature’ series, creating minimal interpretations of well known pop culture figures, translating their distinctive features into furniture design.

“We believe that objects possess power of communication; therefore, we decide to take a tongue-in-cheek look at investigating Pop and Hollywood Culture in tangible forms, in hoping that it would make the line that separates Graphic from Furniture become thinner. The result is, just like caricature drawing, a collection of chairs that is graphically sarcastic, animated in its details, and meticulously unique in the craft of upholstery.”

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