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Earlier this week Kanye West and Kid Cudi were spotted in Doha, Qatar, which is presumed to be the setting for Kanye’s new short film. While there, ‘Ye was photographed wearing denim jacket painted with imagery of two wolves. In response, GQ put on their comedy hats for ‘A Polite Conversation Between the Two Wolves on Kanye West’s Trucker Jacket’:

Wolf 1: Hey bro.
Wolf 2: Sup.

Wolf 1: Nmu?
Wolf 2: Furball so hard muthafuckas wanna design me!

Wolf 1: Oooo! Damn. We look fine as hell on Yeezy. This is some real street style ish.
Wolf 2: Fur real. (Get it?)

Wolf 1: …
Wolf 2: Oh, c’mon. Wasn’t that bad.

Wolf 1: Random question: You think Ye would ever replace us? Like…put us away?
Wolf 2: No. What?? No! Ha. Why would he do that? Why would anybody do that? Crazy talk.

Wolf 1: Think about it, brah. The “howling wolf tee” that all the kids wore a minute ago? They’re gone. They were a “thing,” and now their moment is over. Are we—
Wolf 2: Stop. Don’t say shit like that. It’s just—

Wolf 1: Are we also just a “thing”?
Wolf 2: Listen, those wolves were our brothers, but we’re different. We’re on the body of KANYEEZY. He believes in us. He wants us on this jacket. His feelings…no, his instincts…they’re real.

Read the full article at GQ. More images follow…

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