Where form meets function

In this episode of Highsnobiety TV we are introduced to the Phase 5 Tactical Personal Defense Weapon for Illest. Ken Montes, owner of Phase 5 Tactical, explains…

In 1997 there was a day I met Mark Arcenal. We both loved cars and both had car related businesses that we stated as teenagers. Now 15 years later, I have the privilege of building him his own private line of Phase 5 Tactical™ CQC Pistols. A limited build of 10 pistols to be exact.

Based on the AR15 platform, Phase 5 Tactical™ has developed a high performance Close Quarters Combat Pistol for the masses. Phase 5 Tactical™ is publicly known for its superior AR15 components that you can purchase at gun shops across the country. But, Phase 5™ has an unknown side, one that few knew about until now. Phase 5™ has 3 major divisions, Phase 5 Tactical™ Phase 5 Weapons Division™ and Project-6™.

See the gun in action in the video below!

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