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Me and my Aeropress will always be best friends. I’ve yet to find an easier, more reliable piece of coffee making kit and unlike many things in this world, it really is deserving of all the hype. However, let’s be honest, it looks like something you’d find in your school’s biology lab, designed to do a job rather than look pretty, this thing won’t be winning beauty pageants any time soon.

So, if just for a second, my head’s been turned. This Kalita dripper with it’s wavy filters and stainless steel form looks to be just as easy to use and a lot easier on the eye. A Japanese design, it sits directly on top of your cup minimising mess and is a favourite amongst coffee snobs far more knowledgeable than myself. If you’re looking for pure functional goodness the Aeropress won’t let you down but the Kalita certainly looks like a handsome alternative. Find it here.

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