It is very ’90s of us, but when we read the term “unisex fragrance” we still think of the breathy campaign that launched CK One. Of course, Calvin Klein never presented his boy-girl musk in an environment that looks sort of like Superman’s house, which is what we are seeing here: a temp space designed by Snarkitecture for Odin‘s entire run of both-way eaux de toilette and their Home Fragrances candles.

The clean, monochromatic lines and black-on-black motif of Odin Fragrances and Home Fragrances packaging illustrates the relationship between minimalist-inspired design and the the balance of masculine versus feminine. Snarkitecture responded by creating a polar opposite in all white and emphasized the bottle by casting replicas in white plaster for the instillation.”

Looks like a fun room to wander through, and our pie-eyed inner optimists cannot help but find a bit of glory in the fact that men and women are more inclined than ever to wear the same cologne—unity! The store opened yesterday in the East Village and will remain so from Noon to 7pm daily for the next six weeks.

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