Wood is a highly resourceful material and can be used towards great accessories. This is where Shwood step in, who specialise in crafting eyewear from carefully hand-picked hardwoods and rare burls. For this season, the label’s released two brand new styles. The ‘Florence’ has a rounded and classic shape, made from Santos Mahogany with subtle Quilted Maple inlays. There’s also the ‘Haystack’ which is a bolder silhouette and is crafted from East Indian Rosewood and featuring Black Locust or Walnut burl inlays on the temples. Both have fine attention to detail with subtle accents, and are paired with two different polarised lenses. To round it off, a wooden hardcase is the only way to package these well crafted goods. They’re available now, starting at $250 from Shwood.

See both Schwood’s latest styles in detail after the jump.

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