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You know that old saying about paper hats, right? A man who wears a paper hat has no right to complain about the rain. Alright, so we might have made that up, but the only way to test the mettle of its content is to don yourself a paper cap and see what the weather does to it.

If you are one who delights in testing the validity of silly invented sayings, your best bet might be this Japonism Panama Cap from our reliably avante garde buds at SASQUATCHfabrix. Yup: the upper on this proper little cap is woven entirely from paper. The interior is cotton, but to the world-at-large, you are wearing a paper hat. Our guess is that the rain will roll right off of the thing, which will allow you get right in our faces and tell us what a stupid adage we invented some thirty seconds ago. It will be a glorious moment for everyone involved. Pick the hat up at LN-CC.

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