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We have always wondered what they put in the snowmelt up Iceland-way that gives the nation’s residents such an innate grip of good aesthetics. That is entirely projection, of course, but take this cabin situated across the bay from a town called Akureyri as an example. Credit to a pre-weathered wood sheathing for making it look like it’s been sitting there for a century—a notion quickly, but gently, belied by the easy modern design.

“One concrete wall increases the stability of an otherwise wooden stud-framed structure, which is lined with plasterboard on the walls and either wood or concrete terrazzo on the floors,” Dezeen tels us. Arkís, the architecture firm behind the design, took ideas from Swiss mountains cabins, a sea ranch in Sonoma County, California and Japanese models of efficiency. We suspect, however, that the bulk of the inspiration came from a tall glass of magic water.

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