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Keeping it simple for this shoe based buyers guide. As smart footwear goes, Loafers are the no fuss option that work with just about anything; suits, denim, socks, no socks and bonus, you don’t even have to bend down to tie a pair of laces. There are a whole variety of fancy options out there with this ever popular style but today we’re not really in the mood to mess with a classic. Click on for some easy leather footwear suggestions.

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See our 6 loafer selections on the following page.

Yuketen –  Suede Penny Loafer

One of two chunky options in this selection, Yuketen have been making variations on the penny loafer for a while now. Khaki suede means keeping clean might be a bit of a chore but they’re worth it. Soft suede sits perfectly on top of that crepe sole. A nice summer shoe.

Mr HareMailer Loafer

Somehow managing to retain their clean lines even with all those tassles, we featured these Mr Hare Mailer shoes a while ago and felt they deserved a second glance in this line-up. Made in Italy from Vacchetta leather, a longish toe with contrast stitching, Mr Hare knows his way around an elegant loafer.

Dr MartensAdrian Loafer

A proper pair of stompers, these thick, heavy loafers are a favourite amongst Dr Marten fans. The Goodyear welted Adrian features smooth leather, tassles and manages to remain surprisingly refined thanks to the narrow 84 last.

CheaneyHoward Loafer

Cheaney of Northamptonshire has been producing  fine footwear since 1886 and are a rather underrated brand in our opinion. They produce some beautiful handcrafted shoes, leaning more towards the countryside friendly Crockett and Jones rather than the refined elegance of a George Cleverley. These grain mahogany loafers are beautifully understated with their Goodyear welted Dainite rubber sole and heel, ticking pretty much every box for us.

John LobbLopez Loafer

Another gem from posts past. This John Lobb Lopez loafer initially caught our eye with its fine textured leather,  black Couchevel calfskin if you please. We didn’t need any convincing after that. Can’t recommend this model enough, John Lobb keeping it easy peasy.

Bass WeejunsLarson Loafer

Last but not least, that most classic of loafers, the Bass Weejuns. This feels best in burgundy with its trademark beef roll stitching along the side and soft cushioned sole for hours of happy walking. While this is held up as an icon of Ivy Style it works across the board thanks to it’s timeless simplicity.

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