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There is a wealth of manly jewelry in this world, and a lot of it is very striking stuff. But a dude wearing a piece of rather androgynous ware, like the bracelet pictured above, is probably a dude who doesn’t rely much on macho posturing. We like that, and we are enjoying looking through aoúd‘s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, imagining outfits and locations befitting some of this stuff.

The tassel might get a little sticky, but this would look smart hugging your wrist as you threw back a series of stiff Cuba Libres on a sun-bleached beach, dressed in some sort of linen suit. We are also picturing worn-out sea planes flying low overhead and bouncing down a landing strip next to the bar. Oh, and the sun keeps glinting on that little skull. “aoúd is the link between reality and invisibility,” we are told—in context, that actually almost makes sense.

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