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Actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine posed for a shoot with Interview Magazine entitled ‘Girls Gone Wild.’ The feature is focused on the new Harmony Korine film ‘Spring Breakers,’ which like Kids (the infamous film Korine wrote in 1995) is fascinated by youth gone wild.

“Everybody likes to have fun, and everybody imagines that somebody else is having more fun than they are because they’re willing to break all the rules-to the point of getting arrested,” says one the film’s producers, Chris Hanley. In a way, Korine says that Spring Breakers is his attempt to capture something that he’d missed the first time around. “I grew up in Nashville, but I was a skater, so I was skateboarding during spring break,” he says. “Everyone I knew would go to Daytona Beach and the Redneck Riviera and just fuck and get drunk—you know, as a rite of passage. I never went. I guess this is my way of going.”

In the shoot the girls get into trouble alongside actor James Franco, while wearing bikinis with sneakers like Nike Dunks, Vans Authentics and Supra Skytop 3s.

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