We have a great edition of “5 Tumblrs We’re Enjoying This Week” for you. We’ve been having a blast watching the NBA post season, so we have a great page dedicated to the game in spirit of the playoffs. There’s also some great automotive, food and one that we are especially fond of that revolves around GIFs created from old movies. Good stuff!

Check out the 5 Tumblrs we’re enjoying this week after the jump and if you’re new to Tumblr, see our past posts here.

NBA Off-Season – We’ve been enjoying the NBA post season so we figured we would share this one. This tumblr is on point for all things NBA.

TastyFoodGasm – Outstanding food images.

Musique Graphique – Nice range of images: girls, cars, pop culture, art and more.

AutoMotivated – Great collection automotive images.

GIF Movie – This person makes amazing GIFs from old horror movies, psychedelic films, and other stuff. It’s a must see.

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