Sometimes we wonder how the Opening Ceremony Duo, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, split their time. Aside from running their own stores and label, they took over the creative direction of Kenzo last year and this week they announce the launch of their new magazine, OC Annual, later this summer.

“As magazine fanatics, O.C. founder Humberto Leon and myself are aiming to create a collectible publication for a new generation, something beautiful and special in the vein of Benetton’s ‘Colors,’ Comme des Garçons’ ‘Six’ and Joe McKenna’s ‘Joe.’ We want to make a magazine that will appeal to kids in Nebraska as much as industry people.” (Via WWD)

We can certainly not wait to see the magazine. Superstar photographers Bruce Weber, Walter Pfeiffer, Todd Cole and Tim Barber are apparently already on board for the magazine.

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