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Today we present the finished Opus Hong Kong building by super star architect Frank Gehry. Staying true to his unique style, the newly finished residential building in the mountains of Hong Kong is both in terms of format, materials and in terms of design once again an eye catcher.

“the high-rise’s helical external structure reduces the need for load-bearing walls, which allows the open-plan apartments to flow around a central core. the sinuous façade of the tower is composed almost entirely of glass creating a surface of delicacy against the rich green of the hillside filling the interiors with light. the exterior of the building turns as it rises giving the rooms a unique floor plan and its own spectacular outlook of the city below and the landscape. each suite has a series of balconies conceived as ‘boat decks’ that are carefully orientated to make the most of the dramatic panorama.

the structure is grounded in an array of artfully stacked planter boxes clad in spanish stone that highlight the ascending spiral of the glass-clad columns. the southwest and southeast corners of the building are expressed as two solid towers finished in amber stone. they accommodate the kitchen and utility rooms and also reduce exposure to glare during sunrise and sunset.”

Take a tour of the building after the jump.

(Via designboom)

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