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-The Kennedys – Ivy League Originals-

Oxford shirts, college style sweaters, brogues and a decent pair of leisure pants are a staple in every genuine male wardrobe. They radiate an air of understated sophistication and timeless classicism, that makes even the most unruly rascal seem like an affiliated and beneficial member of society. Here it doesn’t matter if you actually have an academic background, or if you dropped out of highschool to pursue the career of an eternal bartender – once again the comforting camouflage of fashion makes us all equals..

The term originated from Americas „Anchient Eight“, the East-Coast based elite universities Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Penn and Yale, its stilistic roots however lead way back into the annals of Great Britians university uniforms. A former testament of priviledged upbringing, exquisite education and most likely family wealth, Ivy League today suggests ingenuity and diversity, whilst being part of a bigger picture, now being accessible to everyone with a certain tastefulness and appreciation of quality.

Words: Nathini van der Meer

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– James Mortimer for Vendor Classic Oxford Shirts –

The Oxford Cloth button-down shirt was, of course, named for the esteemed Oxford University and originated as a sports shirt in the 19th century. The famous Oxford Cotton is a breathable and sturdy basket-weave (also „panama-weave“) cloth. At the turn of the last century, polo players in England would wear formal, long-sleeved shirts made of oxford cotton, the collars were made with buttons to prevent them from flapping during matches, a novelty starting a trend that was soon adapted for tennis shirts and the like. The oxford shirt made its first appearance in the United States at the turn of the century, and its popularity took off in the early 1950s, by which time the look had become associated with classic Ivy League style.

– Timothy Everest Basket Weave Shirt // Basket Weave Detail –

– J. Press Classic Cotton Madras Button Downs –

The traditional brands of J.Press and Brooks Brothers represent perhaps the quintessential Ivy League dress manner, which soon evolved into related styles like the slightly more bold and colourful preppy look, that rose to popularity in the more flamboyant 1980’s, the houses of Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines and J.Brand being heirs and diligent reformers up until today.

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