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We were complaining a bit about the ubiquity of sloppy cargo shorts the other day, and now, as a welcome antidote, comes Outlier‘s take on the pockets-aplenty things. In usual form, they have deconstructed the garment’s key features a bit and applied their own finish. We like the way the leg pockets drape rather than bulge, for instance. Outlier also used a new dyeing technique they’ve been itching to try. The khaki shorts pictured were born of the cryptically titled Metakhaki Cargo Experiment, in which they applied two different colors that both get called khaki using a special jet dying machine machine.

“These machines can be loaded up with up to four different dye lots which then are sprayed in an automated yet randomized process that creates one-of-a-kind textures,” we are told. “The results are subtle, but also quite beautiful.” Sure are. We still might opt for their three-way shorts, but these are definitely solid. Available online.

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