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Our good friends at Men’s Reverie have us hunting down the Rigards eyewear line. I, for one, have been trolling for a new pair of frames for the summer months. These new looks from Rigards may do the trick for those looking for the absolute unique of looks. The Rigards line is a co-work between two friends – Jean Marc Virard and Ti Kwa – who saw that the market was lacking in styles of frames that they preferred. “Rigards is a mission to rediscover the hidden treasures of horn eyewear, and to share them with like-minded aficionados through small, numbered editions.”

Using a “meticulous” selection of horns, the Rigards line produces superb looks with the help of their trademarked Sanjuro treatment. View the images to get a good sense of where Rigards is heading. Very well done and refreshing for the market. The stocklist is hella-limited unless you are in California, France, or Russia.

More detailed looks on the following page.

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